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About Vital Air

Before we launched Vital Air we worked for years with natural cosmetics and nutrition. It was this experience that brought us to see the benefits of essential oils. Turn the clock forward a few years, and we have been able to see the commercial power of fragrance and air vitalisation in many different settings and circumstances. This is the power we want to harness in the interests of your business. That is our central aim: to allow you to experience for yourself how customers can be drawn in, stay longer and come back for more.

Create an experience! Release your clients' emotions and keep that emotional experience at a peak. Improve the living environment for clients and for yourself. Of all our senses the sense of smell has the most powerful effects on memory. How would you like to be remembered? The power of fragrance and its commercial applications are now widely recognised. In the US the term "Sensory Branding" has wide currency. But Vital Air is about more than fragrance alone, we combine the power of fragrance with improved air quality. Our fragrancing ingredients are based on essential oils. 100% pure, highly concentrated oils obtained from plants.

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Our products are the best on the market. We supply individually designed blends of top quality oils, delivered via atomisation equipment that allows the oils to perform to the maximum. This allows us to guarantee the delivery of pure air vitalisation: beautiful fragrance and optimal air quality.

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We focus primarily on the care sector and the commercial market. But every organisation will have its own reasons to introduce air vitalisation; yours included. That's why we are so keen to show what fragrance and air quality can mean for you, your, staff, your brand and your clients. We would be delighted to meet you and discuss your requirements, without obligation. Feel free to contact us.