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Our fragrances contain nothing except 100% pure essential oils. We use these oils because of their wealth of pure aromatics and their vitalising and purifying properties, which go far beyond anything synthetic ingredients can achieve. This is what justifies our claim to deliver pure air revitalisation: 100% natural fragrance and air quality. The antiseptic properties of specific essential oils can significantly improve air quality.

Read more about the effects of fragrance and essential oils.

100% natural means: pure and effective.
We supply pure essential oils with no added alcohol. That's what makes our aromatics so pure and so effective. With our Vital Air blends we can offer a wide choice of carefully designed scents

We have a good nose for what clients prefer, and that has guided us in putting together our selection of fragrances. A selection from the most successful Vital Air blends we have developed over the years, with different oils chosen because of the synergistic effects created through their combination. The mutual interactions between the ingredients make the whole much more than the sum of the parts. As an example of the synergistic effects of blended oils, the anti-inflammatory properties of camomile are often supported by the inclusion of lavender in the mix. Alongside the curative and amplificatory effects there is also an enrichment of the fragrance, comparable with the development of a perfume.

A Unique Vital Air blend for you

If none of our selected blends match your needs you can ask us to develop a unique recipe for you. Just imagine the effectiveness of a fragrance specially designed with you in mind. Your secret recipe will be kept under lock and key. The effects can be substantial. Your organisation and your brands deserve a unique fragrance, something to really set you apart...


Our total product range is carefully balanced. The systems and oils are matched. Only the cold air techniques used in our vitalisation equipment can retain the effectiveness of the essential oils, allowing them to perform their vitalising work to the optimum.

We can draw up a quotation for you, free of obligation and based on your wishes, the size and layout of your premises and any air conditioning system already in place.

Our list of possible applications is inexhaustible. There are so many organisations which could benefit from the application of fragrance and improved air quality:

  • Hotels
  • Bars
  • Stores
  • Care sector
  • Waiting rooms
  • Treatment rooms
  • Educational institutes
  • Showrooms
  • Auditoriums
  • Call centers
  • Sports centres, saunas
  • etc.


Fragrance consultancy
Choosing a fragrance isn't always an easy process. Your business and your products are unique, and links with a specific fragrance may not be obvious. And making a choice from a catalogue or a website can be quite a challenge where fragrances are concerned. No problem! We understand fragrance and we have a flair for finding the right combination for your business and your product. Contact us for free advice with no obligation.

Advice on Systems and Installations
You can be sure of professional support and guidance on systems and installations. The location and your wishes provide the starting points for the selection and siting of the equipment. We will always study drawings of the relevant spaces and possibly make a site visit before drawing up our proposals and our quotation. Your first step therefore should be to contact us for no-strings recommendations: we'll be delighted to go through the options and benefits with you.

Our select installers have years of professional experience. You can rely on rapid and precise installation. Depending on the situation we will do our best to hide all trace of the equipment. So it's the fragrance people will notice! We will of course provide a full explanation and leave a manual with you, but you will find that the operation of the system is quite straightforward in practice.

The equipment carries a 2 year guarantee (from invoice date) on condition that the essential oils used are supplied by Vital Air.